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Get your first FULL Tamil Unicode support Font. read Tamil system wide.

*-------Thank you for helping us-------***
**This Application gives you system-wide**
**Tamil Unicode Support which means you***
*can now read and write Tamil system wide*

This application gives you full support to render Tamil Unicode Fonts,

* You need to have root access to your phone*

* Some devices has to be upgraded to a specified ROM
* in order to make this work.
* Following Handsets are not rendering properly!!
* HTC, nexus, LG, and some other mobiles which I have not tried.
* Following devices are working:
* Samsung S2, Xperia 10, Xperia 8, GT 15700, samsung galaxy pop & some more devices.
* Please check your model NR before you purchase this.
* I'm also willing to give solution
* for other languages by request*

This application took effort NOT to crash your Device after installing the font so there for you don't have to worry about breaking the phone. Most of the phones where we debugged were working fine. However this cannot be guaranteed.

If you find any bug please contact me: krishan@live.de
Official page:

Donations : www.knmglobal.com/donate.htm

Please have a look into Tamil Unicode Keyboard, where you can type Tamil faster than other keyboards. Ex. "amma" to அம்மா

soon I'm giving all my effort and works FREE for my Tamil. If you think my work deserves couple of pennies Please download this app or donate : www.knmglobal.com/donate.htm
The donation will be used for Tamil-Eelam reestablishment projects.

And please rate your opinion.

-Vaalga Thamil-
Krish KM

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OS:Android 1.6 and up

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